At present, Bare Golly Films is my production company through which I create short form content for brands, as well as produce short documentary and fiction films. The intent for the business is a primarily film-focused production company with a multi-disciplinary edge, à la Pulse Films.


My amibitions for the company are twofold:

1. To produce creatively-led, director-driven but commercially oriented feature films

2. To use the commercial projects to enable risk-taking with bold, innovative, director-led projects, with diversity at the heart, and/or targeting/attempting to create audiences not yet served/existing.


As a developer of creative ideas, my strengths lie in solid macro-level understanding of story, particularly in relation to subtextual elements, themes and metaphor, and particularly the interrelation with character design and plot, helping writers to thicken their narratives on the level of meaning.


The framework and mechanisms I have for driving material of quality into production are still developing, and at the moment primarily based around the Oscar win. Since winning, many people have reached out and many doors have opened, in the sense that everyone is approachable and I have received offers of interest in co-productions, providing the material is good enough. The challenge I face is developing suitable material for production. The other framework I have for driving quality material into production is a strong relationship with the distributor Shorts HD who have launched their own production arm to produce their own content for their TV channel(s) and emerging online platform - a relationship which I hope to be able to leverage into a shorts-to-feature pipeline for discovering, developing and packaging emerging, diverse talent and fresh ideas.


I’m currently developing an idea with Benjamin Cleary, the writer/director who I just worked with on Stutterer which we won the Oscar for.


I’m working with a talented disabled female writer called Dee Chilton and we have a few ideas at treatment stage. Dee had a long Naval career before being discharged on medical grounds. Being a female who served in the mostly male Naval environment, she writes about this world with an insight and authority that would be tough to replicate as an outsider. She is passionate about writing films with active female characters with interesting psychological issues, flaws and goals yet which are not “female films”, but instead for these characters to exist and thrive in typically male environments in typically male genre cinema. 


I have developed an idea with a writer/director called Bella Monticelli which is at treatment stage. Bella has a superb visual sense. Having worked professionally doing visuals for famous directors such as Jane Campion, Michael Winterbottom and more, she has a very deep and varied mental archive of imagery on the tip of her tongue at any one time. She has a great command of narrative language as well, and excels at the micro-level beat by beat visual storytelling.


I am discussing entering into co-production with Superplex Pictures, to develop Eddie Sternberg’s short film  “I Used To Be Famous” into a Feature.


I intend to again work with Matthew Needham - the lead actor in Stutterer. He is looking for a new film project and I am very keen to find something for him as I think he’s an incredible untapped talent.


The production companies of Jessica Chastain, Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner have expressed interest in me developing and bringing them projects for co-production, and have given details of the kinds of roles/films they are looking for.


I am developing a series of interconnected short films with emerging writers/directors, which will be produced and released individually but ultimately result in a feature compilation. Funding has been offered conditional to script approval. The goal is to develop an alternative shorts-to-feature pipeline for developing diverse emerging talent, using alternate/online digital distribution platforms.